Sample Testimonials

Keynote at The Women’s Business Symposium

Keynote at The Women’s Business Symposium

“Eliza’s reception as an individual coach, seminar leader and speaker has been universally positive and, in many cases, transformative. She teaches with a level of precision, clarity and effectiveness that I have not previously seen.”

John Siliciano, Deputy Provost
Cornell University

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Eliza’s work changed our Hong Kong team.  Reviews were glowingly positive. She pushed people hard, but was able to make it fun, while stressing the importance of augmenting your authentic self rather than adopting a false persona. Eliza’s work with us made a big difference, and was well worth the investment.

Michael P. Reiche
DJockey Club
College of Veterinary Medicine & Life Sciences
Hong Kong

This work, the kind they just don't teach you in school, is invaluable. I love Eliza's style. She's passionate, enthusiastic, fun, humorous, and always goes above and beyond. More importantly, she sees the individual and understands each professional needs specific, unique strategies to succeed.

Carly Gresh
Senior Sales Director
Condé Nast

Eliza has the unique ability to impart communication research while keeping audiences riveted with personal narrative. Eliza was the highlight of the conference. Q&A spilled into the hall after her talk because the scientists simply didn’t want it to end.  Any org would be lucky to have her, whether inside or outside of academia.

James C. Liao, Ph.D.
The Society of Integrative & Comparative Biology (SICB)
Public Affairs Committee
tampa, Florida Conference

Eliza is an exceptional coach. She never tries to fit you into a mold but instead capitalizes on your unique strengths and simply augments them. She’s a pro. I can't recommend her enough.

Joe De Sena
CEO and Founder
Spartan Race


The session was engaging, powerful, and inspiring. [Eliza] possesses the unique ability to tailor her sessions to the different audiences while still offering timely and effective communication skills and strategies.
I highly recommend Eliza VanCort. You will not be disappointed.

DiOnetta Jones Crayton
Associate Dean and Director
Office of Minority Education
MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Eliza was not only inspirational as she shared her story but was also engaging, entertaining and informative. The audience came away with practical tips and actions they could begin using right away. Her presentation was a hit! If you're considering working with Eliza, I strongly urge you to contact her immediately. You, too, can be the hero of your organization for bringing her in!

Linda Heeler

Rochester Women's NetworK

Eliza] immediately commanded our attention and kept us engaged all day with humorous stories of her own speaking experiences as examples to follow or learn from. I was impressed with how Eliza magically balanced giving each of the 30 students individual attention and personal feedback while also sharing generally applicable tips with the everyone. She weaved into the session useful guidance for adjusting presentations with an awareness of culture and gender - all backed by research/data. Eliza is authentic, inspiring, and just plain good at what she does.

Raquel Gonzalez
Deputy Chief Of Staff and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at New York State Department of Financial Services

Eliza is highly emotionally intelligent, which resulted in successful and high impact mentoring talk and public speaking/Interview skills workshops. Watching Eliza work with our STEM fellows was impressive! In a two-day span, the impact was noticeable, and the enhanced sense of community among our fellows was definitely the cherry on top.

Tammy Cohn
Program Manager
NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)