The audience came away with practical tips and actions they could begin using right away. Her presentation was a hit! We are still hearing how impactful the information was. If you're considering working with Eliza, I strongly urge you to contact her immediately. You, too, can be the hero of your organization for bringing her in!
- Linda Heeler, Rochester Women’s Network


Communication &
Public Speaking

(seminar, talk, 1-2-1)

Make An Impact.

I use the macro lens of public speaking to explain and optimize participants micro behaviors.
This service is available with a targeted focus on women.

What’s the outcome?

  • Exceptional leadership skills, enhanced organizational success

Who benefits most?

  • Those who run meetings or give presentations

  • Those who wish to augment their public speaking, persuasive communication, and leadership skills

Any auxiliary benefit?

  • Team building through heightened awareness of physicality/vocal adjustments impact on interpersonal communication


(workshop, seminar, talk, 1-on-1)

Reflect. Engage. Connect.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Office of Minority Education asked me to develop this talk in order to help staff and faculty communicate better with those who have less power and privilege. It explores communicating honestly with oneself, mindfully with others, and turning failure into success.

What’s the outcome?

  • Mentors/leaders communicate more mindfully and effectively

Who benefits most?

  • Those who lead and mentor in diverse workplaces

Any auxiliary benefits?

  • Productive conversations about race and gender resulting in authentic, positive, and lasting change

  • Increased appreciation of physicality/vocal adjustments and their impact on interpersonal power and privilege dynamics

Executive Leadership



Job Interviews

(keynote/talk, seminar, 1-2-1)

Influence. Inspire. Innovate.

Clients realize their full leadership potential by utilizing my innovative interdisciplinary communication approach.
Sessions held in-person or remotely.

What’s the outcome?

  • Exceptional leadership skills, enhanced organizational success.

Who benefits most?

  • Those seeking superior executive expertise

Any auxiliary benefits?

  • As leaders become more effective, staff more readily comprehend, adapt, and facilitate changing strategic visions

  • Exemplary leadership is modeled by subordinates, creating systemic organization wide change

  • Enhanced public speaking, communication, team building, mentoring, and negotiation skills

Connect Authentically. Message Confidently.

Clients learn strategies to succeed in each distinct segment of even the most rigorous academic, corporate, or non-profit job interview.

What’s the outcome?

  • Clients are markedly more likely to land their most desired job

Who benefits most?

  • Those entering/reentering the workforce

  • Those previously unable to land an offer for their preferred job

Any auxiliary benefits?

  • Mastery of first impressions for future networking

  • Increased confidence with small talk

  • Creation of compelling elevator pitches & talking points